EURGBP might correct soon

by genuinelyFX | November 11, 2015 18:09 GMT
Euro is dropping against the pound, but there is a possible correction looming ... see more...

Alternate (bulish) view on euro

by genuinelyFX | November 10, 2015 19:50 GMT
Euro is heading for the low where a surprise might expect us... see more...

Romanian Leu might take another dive

by genuinelyFX | October 25, 2015 13:59 GMT
With recent weakness around euro, the local currency could appreciate ... see more...

Ethereum woke up

by genuinelyFX | October 25, 2015 12:17 GMT
Price made a spike on heavy volume recently... see more...

Euro’s point of attraction

by genuinelyFX | August 23, 2015 14:28 GMT
A medium term look at the recent surge... see more...

S&P 500 analysis

by genuinelyFX | August 23, 2015 13:01 GMT
A look at the recent crash in the S&P and where it might lead to... see more...

Litecoin charts before halving

by genuinelyFX | August 23, 2015 12:09 GMT
What charts say two days before the halving... see more...

DAX into another wave up

by genuinelyFX | July 12, 2015 20:06 GMT
A long and short term analysis on the German index. Greek issues still at large, prudence is advised. Still, the charts speak volumes... see more...